Rain Forest Main Ridge
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Aournd Our Island

One of the best ways to get acquainted with Tobago when visiting the island for the first time is to take this tour. 

You will visit

  • the Museum,
  • Fort King George
  • Historical sites
  • and many of the beautiful white sandy bays that our island is so famous for

This tour takes you up the Caribbean coast and explains how many of the villages got their names and helps you to understand island culture. 

You will also see the old plantations, breathtaking views and much more! 

You can sample local food at the famous Gemma’s Tree-house with plenty to choose for lunch.  After lunch you will travel down the Atlantic coast where you can visit the Genesis Nature Park and then continue on to the Botanical Gardens in the Capital, Scarborough. 

After that it is back to civilisation at your hotel!

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